Selling to Millennial Buyers

10 Tips For Successful Selling To The Younger Market

By SaleCore BIZ

Millennials are now the single biggest market of potential home buyers in America, and they will keep revolutionizing the industry for at least the next decade. Knowing how to appeal to this demographic is the key to attracting their interest. A few simple and affordable upgrades to your home will effectively grab their attention, so follow these ideas and attract millennial buyers -- quickly and profitably.

1. Focus On Open Living Areas

Millennial home buyers want lots of open space, not formal, cut off dining rooms and living rooms. Open areas are more flexible and user friendly, so arrange furniture in such a way that it emphasizes the area's openness and fluid movement and adaptability. These younger people have come from a variety of living arrangements, so the more your space speaks to their experiences, the more appealing it will be to them.

2. Go For Low Maintenance Materials

Millennials don't want homes that demand a lot of maintenance. They have enough on their plate and don't want to spend time and money repairing and cleaning their home. They want materials that are easy to care for, like quartz counter tops and easy to clean carpets or vinyl- sealed hardwood floors. The less maintenance a material demands, the better.

3. Smart Technology

Adding smart technology, even something as easy as a smart thermostat for the furnace, is a big plus for millennial buyers. Remote control functions like adjusting light, heat and security means they can take care of these matters from anywhere, and lower their maintenance costs. That's an appealing feature of any home they are considering buying.

4. Install Energy Efficient Appliances:

Millennials care deeply about the planet, and are willing to pay extra to do it. Any appliance that reduces impact on the environment is what they're looking for, and 75 percent say they will pay more money to ensure they are reducing their environmental footprint. They also want appliances that are easy to use, and easy to care for, like glass top stoves that reduce their electricity bill.

5. Add A Home Office:

Having a space in which they can work at home is appealing to millennials. An increasing number want to work from home at least two days a week, and they need the space in which to do it. Set up a home office before you list your home, so they can see how the room functions as a work space. If they have a spot in which they can work when they buy their home, it saves them from creating it after moving in -- that's a big advantage to millennials.

6. Paint Your Home

If you decide to spruce up your house before selling it, choose neutral colors, like pale grey, off white or cream. Those shades appeal to millennials, so you should consider changing any rooms that are currently decorated in strong hues, like blue or green. Make your home flow, in terms of colors, because that is the style millennials prefer.

7. Build In Eco-Friendly Features

More than ever before, the younger generation worries about the fate of the planet, and whether their children will enjoy the same world they do. When you add smart features like the thermostat we mentioned, be sure to put that front and center in your real estate listing. Lighting systems and even solar panels are big pluses as well. Anything you've added that is tech smart and energy efficient will attract millennial buyers, so publicize these features in your listing.

8. Tout Your Location

Any home that's located close to public transportation, restaurants, shops and other services they can get to on foot or by bicycle is a bonus for millennials. Better yet, can they walk to their office? Be sure to note that "downtown is a 10 minute walk," or whatever it is about your location that will appeal to millennials in your listing. Not long ago folks wanted to live far away from downtown, but that's not true anymore. Millennials want to be close to their community center, so if your home is located near it, boast about it! It will help you get your asking price, or more.

9. Update The Bathroom & Kitchen

These rooms are important to millennials, but they don't often have the extra money to invest in updating fixtures and freshening paint. If you do it before listing, it adds extra "oomph" to your home and makes it move-in ready. Millennials are too busy worrying about having enough for the down payment, so any extras in this regard go a long way toward convincing them that your house is the right home for them.

10. Focus On Outdoor Spaces, Too

Experts recommend that you make your backyard and garden feel like they flow indoors easily, that people can move freely from the backyard to, for example, the kitchen. These areas provide extra room in seasonal weather, a place where friends and family can gather, on patios and by the garden. But don't make it a fussy space that requires a lot of care and tending -- remember, millennials are pressed for time. They won't have the energy or inclination to do a lot of pruning and weeding, so keep the green spaces simple, with little care needed. That means a stone patio, perhaps, and easy care grass and lots of perennials.

These are simple, easy guidelines for making your home truly appealing to millennials. Invest in these tips, and before you know it, your lawn sign will say, "Sold!"

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